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". . . Many people dismiss bullying as just 'high spirits', 'toughening up', 'part of life'. It isn't. It is a junior version of criminal activity, and it causes immense harm. What's more, it causes as much harm to the bully as to the victim. Many habitual residents of jails cut their teeth in the school ground, and if they'd been stopped then, they might have grown into law-abiding members of society. So, we all suffer from bullying." -- Dr Bob Rich, M.Sc., Ph.D. Author of Anger and Anxiety

"There are many fine materials available on the topic of bullying, but I am truly impressed by Rita Toews' booklet, "The Bully". The eye catching cartoon artwork of Jon Ljungberg helps to convey the essence of her simply, but powerfully worded tale, one designed for elementary school students, but able to reach older kids too. . . Teachers and youth workers have access to an engaging tale as well as pertinent questions for conducting group discussions on the topic. As the book travels home, the cover art and pamphlet format is likely to spur parents to browse through it. . ." -- Tom McIntyre, Ph.D., Professor & coordinator of the graduate program in behavior disorders, Department of Special Education, Hunter College

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"... I believe that primary school teachers will find the story and discussion activities useful in the promotion of safe and caring learning environments. The book is a valuable source of information for teachers, parents and students alike." -- Mary T. Hall, Ph.D., Director Safe Schools Manitoba

"... Parents and primary teachers will find this a useful resource with which to address the problem of bullying... Recommended." Canadian Book Review Annual

"The Bully is a great story about bullying and how letting an adult know what is happening ends the bullying. It is brief and can be used by teachers in the primary grades to help empower kids to end bullying." --Nancy L. Brown, PhD., Senior Research Associate, Department of Health Services Research, Palo Alto Medical Foundation

"... This is a good resource on bullying. We applaud the publisher for making this information available to download. On a scale of 1 to 5 S.M.I.L.E.s we give The Bully: 5 Smiles" -- The Official Newsletter of the S.M.I.L.E. Organization (Safety Magic in Law Enforcement)

"I had the opportunity to present this book to students in many Kindergarten to grade three classrooms, and it was very well received by the students. They were really drawn in to what was happening to Jason, which created the opportunity for some excellent discussion about Jason's situation, and most importantly, what Jason did to help himself. It is imperative that children realize that it is OK and important to tell someone what is happening to them. In many instances, it is only then that something may be done to help stop the bullying." -- Deb McCallum, Early Behaviour Intervention Facilitator Rolling River School Division

"...THE BULLY has only been in print for a short while, and already educators and therapists are using the book to teach youth about the harm bullying can cause.

As a parent, grandparent and former educator, I can honestly say that this is an exceptionally comprehensive guide. It should be required reading in every elementary school classroom.

It's more than a storybook--it's a learning experience--both for children and adults. I highly recommend this book to anyone or any organization or agency that deals with children in any capacity. As an added bonus, the publisher offers special discounts on bulk orders, so ordering THE BULLY for a classroom, an organization or a group, will be affordable.

I feel strongly about this book's message, and I believe that it should be on every school library shelf and in the homes of everyone who has school aged children...." -- S. Joan Popek for Midwest Book Review

"... The Bully can help equip children to cope with this frightening behavior (and also asks them to consider whether their own behavior is bullying). Recommended for a congregation's library, Sunday school class, or latchkey program. ..." -- The Church and Synagogue Library Association (CSLA) Portland, Oregon

"...this book is sure to make your child understand the feelings surrounding bullying situations, the effects of bullying, and how to handle bullying situations... I would recommend this book to anyone whose child is currently being bullied, has a friend who is being bullied, or has a child who IS the bully." -- Jackie D. Igafo-Te'o For the full review, please visit Bridges4kids.

"... Rita Toews has written a fantastic book on how to talk with your children about bullies. Her book addresses the issue of bullies in school and gives helpful suggestions to both parents and children on how to deal with the stressful situation in a positive manner. ... Activities throughout the book make it fun for children to learn about these school-aged brutes.

This reviewer believes that Toews' book is a valuable tool for parents, teachers, communities, and day care providers." -- Jennifer L.B. Leese, Editor for Picket News

"One of the worst things about being a child, particularly if one has autism or a related disability, is being the target of bullies because one seems more vulnerable... neat little gem called The Bully: A Discussion and Activity Story... Why, oh why, wasn't this book around when I was being bullied in the school hallway and on the playground, and when kids were calling me names just because I was a child with autism?" -- Anne Carpenter Autism Society of Michigan

"... I found this book extremely refreshing. It is a good tool to use to broach the subject with a child and would be ideal to use to begin discussions with children in a number of teaching situations (schools, church youth groups, scouts, youth clubs, etc.). I highly recommend it." -- Janie Franz, Reviewer for

"...COOL! The story is set in an elementary school and teaches how a bully operates and what your child and you can do to stop it all. There is also a multiple choice quiz for parents/teachers and children to do together. For the younger kids, there are lots of wonderful drawings that can be printed out for coloring. Highly recommended reading..." -- Debra Fitch, Huntress Reviews

bully bushes "This is a wonderful resource, love the illustrations. I conduct workshops for educators and parents and will definitely be recommending this book to them." -- Pat Maliszewski, Program Director/Trainer Character Unlimited

"The problem of bullying has attracted a lot of attention in recent years. As parents, we want to do whatever we can to protect our children and guide them in the right choices should a bullying situation arise. The demand for information on this subject is at an all-time high, and Rita Y. Toews has created a wonderful resource for parents of young children in her newest e-book, The Bully.

Intended for elementary age children, The Bully begins with the story of Jason and his experience with the school bully. Your child will learn along with Jason how to handle a bullying situation, where to go for help, and some tips on how to avoid being bullied. Illustrated in black and white line drawings, the pages may be printed and colored by your child to encourage further parent-child discussion." -- Heather Haapoja, Editor of the Kids Need to Read Newsletter.

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