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anti-bully book: The Bully a discussion and activity story

Encountering a bully is one of the toughest situations children can face. As parents, caregivers, and teachers, we owe it to our children to make sure they know what to do if they are bullied. Rita Y. Toews' book The Bully, for elementary school students, fits that need perfectly.

In The Bully, a short story sets a scene children encounter all too frequently--a school bully. The story is followed by a question and answer section that gives children insight intohow a bully operates, helps children verbalize how they feel when they are bullied, and gives suggestionson what action children can take when a school bully strikes.

The question and answer section for caregivers provides information on how to identify a bully problem, and gives helpful suggestions on how to deal with the bullying situation.

Perfect for use in the classroom. THE BULLY book needs no lesson plan since the questionsand answers are already contained within the story. The ideal situation would be for each child to have his orher own copy of the book which they could take home for follow-up work. The messageof positive role-modelling and working through the bully incident with the school is then carried into the home.

anti-bully resource for:   kindergarten     grade one     grade two    grade three  

The Bully has received reviews and/or testimonies from numerous professionals, including behaviour therapists. Please visit the reviews page to see what is being said about this excellent bully resource.

The Bully: A Discussion and Activity Story has been sold to schools in Australia, Tasmania, England,Canada and the U.S.

This quality book on bullying issues is suitable for parents, grandparents, teachers, church groups, community groups, police organizations, SROs and other organizations that work with children aged kindergarten to grade three.


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In Canada: While supplies last - Birds Hill Publishing
In Portugal (Portugeuse) Psiguilibrios Edições

Bullying: A Parent's Primer e-book   Bullying: A Parent's Primer (e-book)
   This 19 page e-booklet is packed with information and tips on bullying,    including:
   - the characteristics of a bully and their target
   - the possible causes of bullying
   - the types of bullying
   - the steps a parent can take if a bully targets their child
   - the role of schools in solving bullying problems
   - what a parent can do if their child is accused of being a bully.

   Bullying: A Parent's Primer comes as a download in pdf format. To    learn more aboutthis anti-bully book, please click on the cover.

Why Me e-bookWhy Me?

Why Me? is a 14 page e-book filled with pertinent information about a problem facing many teens today. It discusses bullying in teen girls and the prevalence of this problem at school, at the mall, or anywhere teens gather. As well as a short story, it includes a bully quiz, with question and answers, andsuggestions for dealing with bullying. Information about bullying with urls where more information is available is offered. Sensible tips on how to develop self confidence are included.

Why Me? comes in pdf format format. For more information on this anti-bullybook for teens, please click on the cover.

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